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„Time doesn‘t heal emotional pain. You need to learn how to let go.“

Aktualisiert: 29. Juli 2023

Everyone and everybody has personal emotional issues and pain to let go of and heal. Nowadays we are used to talking about these feelings more frankly. We get confronted with this through the daily consume of Instagram or social media platforms.

Yet there are still people who struggle or even refuse to talk about their issues and their reaction to those problems. That’s why we can say that emotional pain can‘t be released by just letting time pass, you have to actively use it and choose healing. Being passive doesn‘t heal emotional pain, there is no easy way out, you have to get active. This is a hard obstacle to overcome or even realise that it is there. Maybe you‘re overwhelmed and don‘t know where and how to start. Healing is not an easy process and it will never be just simple. But how you react towards life and situations it can get simple if you heal. You have to use the time actively and start to look inside yourself. Find the problem and realise where it comes from. Only letting time pass and forgetting about how this pain developed or how it makes you feel, won‘t bring you to a point in life where you find yourself saying: „This happened and I am grateful it did, because it thought me a lesson.“

Because if you don’t get active, your pain will only be temporarily forgotten and will block you in many beautiful moments. Letting go of feelings means to accept the circumstances and why they happened to you. Take it as a chance because a problem is never against you, it is always for you, PRO you. PRO-blem. 

Everyone needs to find their own process of „letting go“. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on it by yourself or you let yourself help. Both options imply a process. Maybe you find your peace with yoga practice or meditation. Or you go to a psychologist who shows you how to let go by talking. You maybe even get yourself hypnotised to let go of deeper blockades. At the end it doesn‘t matter how you help yourself but find a way to help yourself. Healing is unconditional, you always have the power to use it, whenever. It‘s never too late to become conscious of the power healing brings. That‘s why the process of healing is unconditional.

Maybe you’re twenty, or you’re fifty, It doesn‘t matter (!) as long as you start one day. Whenever you are ready to find yourself and heal yourself, it’s the right moment, it’s never too late even in the last hours of your life it’s still worthwhile. However, in most cases it is a life process and if you have once started this process, you will never stop healing but you will grow and you will be stronger than ever.

To sum up, being passive doesn’t help in this process of healing emotional pain. Which means, you have to get active to let go. But everyone needs to find their own process of „letting go“. And the good news is: it’s never too late to start this process of healing. Helaing is unconditional, you can start whenever and wherever you are ready. Everything in life takes time, every process, every situation, every feeling. What a gift that we can heal from hurtful moments, bad experiences or emotional pain. Imagine how joyful our lives can be if we choose to let go of all the pain inside.

Thanks for reading and chose healing today. It will change your mind and then your life.

As I did it with food and other things, you can do it too. Your problem deserves to be healed.

I wish you a wonderful day of sunshine, good energy and a big portion of love.

Love, your Ronja

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